Sad Business Owner

What Do Some Business Owners Do When No Customers Come In?

Action Kills Anxiety

You can use your idle time to promote your business. Every successful business owner is doing that.

Who We are

BoldMarkUp Ventures, we grow businesses with web technology.

Alert Ghana Business directory is a helpful directory. We help micro-business owners advertise and self promote their businesses.

We do this by empowering local businesses by providing solutions that generate new ways for people to earn, work and live.
Alert Ghana Business Directory is a product of BoldmarkUp Ventures.

We Help Customers

With our business categories, we help customers find local businesses specialized in the service or product that they need. Customers can view business promotional flyers as well as download a portable document of a local business they want to know more about, saving customers a lot of time.

We help Local Business Owners

We open doors for local businesses to reach many customers, by sharing their listing(s) on their favorite social media platforms and by word of mouth.
Self promotion of your business has never been made this easy, all you need to do is advertise your business.

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