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Alert Ghana Business directory is a helpful directory.

We help micro-business owners advertise and self promote their businesses.

You can use your idle time to promote your business. Every successful business owner is doing that.

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Step 1

Create an account

  • Provide basic details about you and your business.
  • Add your business category and convince potential clients to purchase your products / services with a summary of your business.

Test Advertising Campaign

Step 2

Test your Advertising Campaign

  • Upload a digital flyer.
  • Upload a portable document (accepted portable documents includes Word documents, Power point documents, Excel documents and Adode PDFs).

Make an offer your customers will not refuse.

A/B Testing

Test your customers' response to your offer and determine which message is more effective before investing hundreds of cedis printing hard copies.

Customer satisfaction

Step 3

Continuously improve your advertising message and customer satisfaction

Learn, adjust and progessively enhance Step 1 and Step 2 by continuously sharing your business link(s) on social media, collecting and analysing response/ feedback from customers and grow your business.